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Project sales

Internity offers services for investments with respect to finding and choosing proper materials and logistic service. The company cooperates with designers, contractors and investors, providing specialized consultancy and access to necessary materials and samples. Internity possesses rich experience in providing service for large investments (shopping centers, office buildings), as well as smaller enterprises (outpatient clinics, shops). We execute full lighting contracts.

Contact us at the investment service departments:

Tiles – Mirosław Dobkowski


Tel.: 0 500 111 766


Sanitary products – Sylwia Matusiak


Tel.: 0 512 402 294


Lighting – Artur Górecki,

Tel.: 0 507 177 918


Heaters, air conditioning – Krzysztof Majerski


Tel.: 0 510 258 191

Salon in Wilanowska

Tel. 22 550 56 50