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Andrzej Łapkiewicz

Phone: 500 111 767


INTERNITY is the best partner for cooperation for architects and interior designers. Our assets include: Consultants, logistics, online catalogue, high quality of expositions and numerous training programs.




Our team is formed by professionals who attended all training programs organized by manufacturers cooperating with our company. They possess the knowledge about installation and technical details of the materials offered by us. We have concentrated on cooperation with architects and interior designers since 1992, hence we know their needs related to their work and we know the problems encountered by these groups in the stages of execution of their concepts as well as in cooperation with their clients. The key values for us are reliable information concerning the availability of materials offered, responsibility for the technical solutions proposed, and active service of designers cooperating with us. We respond to designers’ visions with solutions – we find products with proper colors, shapes and sizes, which suit the design, fit in the budget and meet the deadlines. Our portfolio contains over 300 000 products, out of which we choose the most appropriate.


Logistics and product availability


Our storehouse is 2800 m2 of space in five levels filled with products needed for the realization of architectural visions. Own transport facilitates the flexibility of deliveries to Your clients, and double quality control of products leaving our storehouse ensures the continuity of the construction process.


Online catalogue


The online catalogue is integrated with our storehouse – accounting system, therefore, it will inform You about the availability of products offered by our company (products available at hand), and will facilitate the search for proper technical solutions by means of a product browser. After logging into the online catalogue, You will be able to control the orders submitted by Your clients and the availability statuses of these products in the storehouse. In addition, the online catalogue will facilitate access to the textures of ceramic tiles and cad blocks for products for bathrooms necessary for the design process.




Expositions in our salons generally aim at providing a comfortable working space for designers and their clients. Our expositions base on samples and patterns of materials instead of finished solutions. This way our salons provide inspiration, and we present our individual approach to each newly created project.


Training programs


The main elements of the work of designers is the knowledge of products, trends in design, latest materials and the possibility of exchanging ideas with other designers. Internity organizes trainings in the area of products, latest products, technological solutions and general knowledge about design by means of presentations of works of famous designers from all over the world.